DAVID MANZANARES Height: 6'0"  Weight: 180 lbs. Hair/Eyes: Brown  SAG/AFTRA

Contact: Lynette O'Conner    The O'Agency   505.344.3149
GRAVES (2016)  LIONSGATE    “Gerardo"
Director: Joshua Michael Stern

Executive Producer: Joshua Michael Stern, Greg Shapiro

Producer: Bill Hill


Nick Nolte, Sela Ward, Slylar Austin, Helene Yorke, Nia Vadarlos, Harry Hamlin, Angelica Maria, David Manzanares, various...


Director: Antoine Fuqua

Producers: Roger Birnbaum, Todd Black

Cast: Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ethan Hawke, Cam Gigandet, Peter Sarsgaard, Haley Bennett, Byung-Hun Lee, Matt Bomer, David Manzanares and various...

THE RIDICULOUS SIX  (2015) NETFLIX  "Cicero's gang"
Director: Frank Coraci
Exec Producer: Heather Perry, Tim Herlihy
Producer: Adam Sandler, Barry Bernardi, Aimee Keen, Allen Covert
Cast: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Taylor Loutner, Nick Nolte, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Steve Zahn, Terry Crews, David Spade, Will Forte, Luke Wilson, Blake Shelton, David Manzanares and various...

CLEVELAND ABDUCTION (2015)  SONY PICS  ENT.  "Michael Santana"
Director: Alex Kalymnios
Exec Producer: Judith Verno
Exec Producer: Frank Von Zerneck
Line Producer: David Rosemont
Cast: Taryn Manning, Raymond Cruz, Pam Grier, Joe Morton, David Manzanares, various...
Played role of "Michael Santana"

Director: Alex Kalymnios

Exec Producer: Judith Verno

Exec Producer: Frank Von Zerneck

Line Producer: David Rosemont                                                

Cast: Taryn Manning, Raymond Cruz, Pam Grier, Joe Morton, David Manzanares, various...

SWEET VENGEANCE (2012)  Kickstart Productions  “Jeremiah Music Conductor”

Directors/Producers: Logan & Noah Miller                                                    

Cast: Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Issacs, Stephen Root, Luce Rains, David Manzanares, various

BLESS ME ULTIMA (2011)  Gran Via Productions   “Blas Montano”

Director: Carl Franklin                                                      

Producer: Jesse Beaton, Sarah DiLeo, Mark Johnson, Kevin Reidy, Tom Williams, Christy Walton

Cast: Miriam Colon, Luke Ganalon, Dolores Heredia, 

Benito Martinez, Joaquin Cosio, Castulo Guerra, David Manzanares

CRAZY HEART (2009)                                    “Nick, Bumsteer Bandleader”

Director: Scott Cooper                                  

Producer: Judy Cairo, Robert Duvall,  Jeff Bridges

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall,  Maggie Gyllenhaal, Collin Farrell, various

DOC WEST (2009)                                          “Cowboy # 1”

Director: Giulio Base, Terence Hill               

Producers: Guido De Angelis, Anselmo 

Parrinello, Luca Ceccarelli

Cast: Terence Hill, Kisha Sierra, various

THE KEEPER (2009)                                         “Cop # 1”

Director: Keoni Waxman                                

Producer: Steven Seagal

Cast: Steven Seagal, various

BROTHERS (2008)         "Dave the Bartender”

Director: Jim Sheridan                                    

Producers: Ryan Kavanaugh, Tucker Tooley, Zach Schiff–Abrams, Jeremiah Samuels                 

Cast: Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Shepard, Mare Winningham

BEER FOR MY HORSES (2008)                        "Henchman”

Director: Michael Soloman                          (Stunt performer)

Producers: Keith and Donald Zuckerman

Executive Producers:TK Kimbrell, Jeff Yapp, Leslie Belzberg                 

Cast: Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington, Claire Forlani, Ted Nugent, Barry Corbin,Tom Skerritt, Willie Nelson

COMANCHE MOON (2007)                                “Captain Woodrow Call” 

Director: Simon Wincer               Photo/stunt/riding dbl 

Producers: Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana,  Paul Frank, Larry Rapaport    

Cast: Val Kilmer, Rachel Griffith, Steve Zahn, Karl Urban, various

VOXTOURS (2003) Germany travel program        “Appeared opposite            

Director: Oliver Roetz                                        Shirely MacLaine as self”

Producer: Susana Glaesner               

Cast: Shirely MacLaine, David Manzanares


APPLEBEES (2000) Directorz!                            “Cowboy Artist/Painter 

Director: Jaff Bednarz                                         sketching ravens"

Producer: Jean Walker-Black

YOUNG GUNS II (1990)                                “Cavalry officer chasing Billy 

Director: Geoff Murphy                      the Kid"

Cast: Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips,  Kiefer Sutherland, William Peterson, 

James Coburn

KICKBOXER 4 (1994) Kickboxer Prod                “Mateo - guard at gate”

Director: Albert Pyun                                                        

Producer: Jessica Budin

Cast: Sasha Mitchell, Nicolas Guest, various



TRAILER CHOIR (2008) Show Dog Records  "Henchman" (Stunt performer)

“Off the Hillybilly Hook”   

Music Video Director: Michael Soloman

J.C. JONES (1998) Picture Vision                       “Flamenco guitarist”   

“One Night”         (Featured performer)

Music Video Director: Jim Hershleder

Producer: Trey Fanjoy

TRAVIS TRITT (1993) Planet Pictures                 "Pall bearer/Funeral Griever” 

“Worth Every Mile”

Music Video Director: Gerry Wenner


SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT (2015) Producer of single "One More Time" 


THE HEART OF SANTA FE (2010) Co-Producer of dual CD compilation of

Santa Fe’s most accomplished music artists. SANTA FE REPORTER'S "BEST

OF 2010" CD.

JEFF BRIDGES & THE DAZE (2010) Produced /Performed benefit 

concert at the historic Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, NM

CRAZY HEART (2009) NM Band Music Producer/Supervisor for Stephen 

Bruton who was the co-producer with T-bone Burnett

MANZANARES (1997- present) 20+ years performing/touring in latin rock band

* 2006 Independent Music Awards/Nationwide: "Nuevo Latino wins Latin Album of the Year"

* 2006 Billboard World song contest – Placed in the top 3 Worldwide in the Latin genre

* Multiple awards, interviews, television appearances, film sound tracks, radio interviews, etc…


EVE MAGAZINE - UK (2008)                             “Cowboy Model”                              

Photographer: Neil Marriott

MARLBORO (2004) Leo Burnett                           “Cowboy in bar/corral"

Photographer: David Katzenstein

MARLBORO CLASSICS (2003) Leo Burnett         “Marlboro man – hard rider"

Photographer: Rene Salle

PAIS MODE MAGAZINE (2003)                       “Mechanic”           

Photographer: Neil Davenport

NEXT DIRECTORY-UK   (2002)                         “Model”                          Photographer: James Martin

NEW MEXICO GUEST LIFE MAGAZINE         “Model/Larry Mahan       Photographer: Christopher Barr                                                                                                clothing”  


GREASE           "Kenickie” (Lead)

Espanola Community Theater                               

Director: Joe Salazar

HISTORY OF ROCK N ROLL                                "Various music artists"

Espanola Community Theater                               

Director: Loreena Wooten

Performed 4 decades of music                  

Cast: Ensemble cast, various                        

hits spanning the 50’s thru 80’s

WEST SIDE STORY                                               “Tony” (Lead)            

Community Theater                                      

Director: Joe Salazar

Cast: Ensemble cast, various


Accomplished horse rider - 30 yrs +

Hard rider

Bilingual (Spanish speaker)




Drives stickshift

Stunt performer

Weapons experience

Heavy equipment operator

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